Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well I have finally finished your book. Wow, what a book! I would love to make a review of it, but cannot post one on amazon because I have not made a purchase on there. The message is transformative, not only physically and personally, but spiritually and socially. There is no doubt in my mind that the subject of this book will be of wide interest. This book isn't just for people who are catholic. It is for everyone. Pamela, I salute you, what an accomplishment. I recommend without reservation this book to everyone. -Kellie
Shortly after Christmas I ordered "When the Moon is Dark We Can See the Stars" but it was only this weekend that I had the opportunity to sit down and read it slowly and carefully.  What a wonder and what a gift!  There was so very much I identified with and so many things touched my heart. Turning away from fear and toward the light isn't an easy journey and you describe it so truthfully. The "Reflection Questions" are helpful and I'll return to them again and again to remember things about my own experiences.  I have heard many people tell their stories, although few as eloquently as you have, and always I am touched and transformed and "see" a little more clearly because of the sharing.  What a wonderful gift you have been given, and what an extraordinary way to share it. 

Pamela,  I sit here reading your book and watch the snow fall transforming the outside world and I can feel my heart and soul being transformed.  This transformation thankfully (even though painful at times) continues to be an ongoing process for me in part thanks to God working through you.  I conclude reading chapter 10 of your book and I find myself saying a prayer of thanks to Sean and to Maggie for the lessons they have taught and the gifts they have given to you and I am grateful your heart and soul were open to receiving them.  For their gifts and lessons have not only helped you, but they also help me and my family and I am certain so many others. -Margaret 

I finished your book today - it has been a wonderful experience for me!  There was so much in it that I had a felt sense of - the deaths of Maggie and Sean evoked my daughters death and I was able to grieve her loss in a new way. The book gave me joy, peace, grace, evoked deep feelings of loss, and has been healing for me.  Thank you Pamela.  There is more that I am willing to allow to be as I journey to my true self too! -Margaret
I'm on page 110 and find the book so very well written.  I've renamed it "Woman Unfolding.    -Diana

I wanted to add my voice to those who have been moved by your book.  It has touched me greatly and I have already made one major change in my life because of it.  Thank you so much.  Your willingness to open up about the tragedies in your life and how they affected you shows each of us who read it that we do not walk alone as we struggle with aspects of our lives.  -Sue

Thank you for writing your book.  I am about 1/2 way through and am reflecting so much on my own experience in my journey that I have gotten out my old journals and am enjoying reading and reliving how God has been present to me, loving me, guiding me, correcting me and calling me.  It's been a grace! 


I don['t think I want it to end but go on and on.  I appreciate how God has led you and your clear way of sharing it. -Margaret